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Sunshine Math Worksheets
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What is Sunshine Math?
• It is a mathematics enrichment program developed by Florida Department of Education.
• It is not meant to replace any aspect of school curriculum.
• It is run by volunteers with support from the classroom teachers and school administrators.
• It is optional for the students.

• To provide an extra challenge in math to the children, outside of their normal classroom routine.
• To build and develop children’s critical thinking skills.
• To encourage children to be self-motivated and to become independent learners.
• To give parents the opportunity to be involved in their children’s education.

How it works in PFSOTA:
Due Dates grades 1-5
Week 1 – due 10/3
Week 2 – due 10/10
Week 3 – due 10/17
Week 4 – due 10/31
Week 5 – due 10/31
Week 6 – due 11/7
Week 7 – due 11/14
Week 8 – due 11/21
Week 9 – due 12/5
Week 10 – due 12/5
Week 11 – due 12/12
Week 12 – due 1/9
Week 13 – due 1/9
Week 14 – due 1/9
Week 15 – due 1/9

• Teachers will distribute and collect the worksheets every Friday. If Friday is a school holiday, worksheets will be collected on the following Friday . Teachers will not assist their students with the worksheets.

• Students will receive a total of 22 worksheets over the course of the school year in each grade (1-5).

Kindergarten will not start until January. There will only be 10 worksheets for them.
• Sunshine Math volunteers will grade the worksheets and track each student’s score.
• Every student (grades 1-5) who completes at least 15 worksheets AND earns at least 150 stars by the end of the year will participate in PFSOTA’s grade level competition (dates TBD). Winners will advance to District-wide Sunshine Math Competition in May.

What is your role as a parent?
Your role in Sunshine Math is to encourage and facilitate problem solving. Allow time for your child to think about each problem. Feel free to suggest strategy for solving the problem, or listen as your child shares his or her thinking, but please DO NOT GIVE THE ANSWERS. In order for this program to be effective, the thinking must be done by the students.
It is normal for a child NOT to be able to complete every problem on a worksheet. The process of reading, understanding and approaching the problems is a valuable steps in solving many types of problems.

If you have any questions,
please contact the Sunshine Math Coordinator via the form below ….

Ningsih Plauché

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