Pine Forest Wins Keyboard in New York City


On October 23rd, Pine Forest School of the Arts was awarded a state of the art Yamaha Keyboard. This keyboard has an IPAD interface and is capable of connecting with music teachers around the world. Principal Tamara Williams attended the Arts School Network Conference along with her Drama teacher (Carl Vorwerk), Strings teacher (Rose Francis), and Assistant Principal Cameron Mattingly. Williams said “We were totally shocked when our names were called; we couldn’t believe it!” The Arts School Network was held in New York City and was designed to expose teachers and art school leaders to the best practices of education through Fine Arts.

Arts School Network is committed to promoting excellence in arts education by supporting and recognizing students, community leaders, educators, and schools. Their members represent art leaders, schools, and organizations from around the world. Together, they share experiences and expertise in such areas as planning, finance, recruitment, teacher training, arts integration, community and parent relations, and more.


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