Home Room Parents Needed


Want your kids to get better grades? Want to get to know their teachers better? Sign up to be a homeroom parent. It makes sense, and studies back it up; involved parents interact with teachers more, so they hear what’s going on in class and get opportunities to ask about their child’s progress more often.

At Pine Forest, Home Room Parents work closely with the homeroom teacher, inform parents of classroom and school needs, and delegate tasks among all classroom parents.

The following classrooms still need Home Room Parents:

1st Grade: Mrs. Capitano Filled,Thank You!
3rd Grade: Ms. Pfleuger Filled,Thank You!
3rd Grade: Mr. Slowick Filled,Thank You!
4th Grade: Ms. Napoleon Filled,Thank You!
4th Grade: Ms. Bensi Filled,Thank You!

If your child is in one of these classes, please sign up!
But Hurry! School is just around the corner!


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